Vodafone UK Offering Fee-Free Annual iPhone Upgrade

LONDON –  Users with any devices of the iPhone 11 series or 2020 iPhone SE are able to trade it in after 12-months, with now early upgrade fee. Vodafone unveiled the plan on Monday, and the offer became available the same day. The offer applies whatever data plan a user is on.

Annual iPhone Upgrade Now Available From Vodafone

With the iPhone 12 expected to become available in October, this new deal is likely to be of interest to a number of users. Announcing the new annual upgrade offer, Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK said:

Our Annual Upgrade promise lets our customers have the latest iPhone every year without prohibitive upgrade fees. Combine this promise with our market-leading unlimited data plans, unbeatable roaming and Very Me rewards, all on the UK’s best mobile data network and Vodafone sets the benchmark for Apple lovers looking for a great deal.

Vodafone, it’s worth noting, also includes AppleCare as standard with its insurance plan.

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