Apple Launching Racial Equity And Justice Initiative

Tim Cook announcing Apple's Racial Equity Initiative

Apple is launching a Racial Equity And Justice Initiative. The project, to be led by company VP Lisa Jackson, will start with a $100 million commitment.

Lisa Jackson Will Lead Apple Racial Equity And Justice Initiative

Tim Cook announced the new fund in a video on Thursday:

The initiative will begin in the U.S. but expand around the globe. It will have a “special focus on issues of education, economic equality, and criminal justice reform,” the Apple CEO said. In a follow-up Tweet, Ms. Jackson said that “fighting for equality and justice for my community has driven my career as an environmentalist,” and that she will take that into this new project.

In the video, Mr. Cook said that Apple was also launching a new Developer Entrepreneurial Camp for Black Developers ahead of WWDC later this month. He said that the goal was “fostering and lifting up the brightest lights in the developer family.”

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