Apple Makes FaceTime Calls Accessible for Individuals with Disabilities

Facetime TVOS

The upcoming tvOS 18 update brings a big accessibility feature – Live Captions for FaceTime on tvOS 18. During a FaceTime call, everything said will be transcribed and displayed as a real-time running transcript on your TV screen. Here’s how you can install tvOS 18.

This is a step forward in making FaceTime calls more inclusive, particularly for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Live Captions can be a game-changer for individuals with hearing impairments, allowing them to follow conversations effortlessly on the large TV screen.

It’s important to note that Live Captions for FaceTime requires an Apple TV 4K (2nd generation or later) because of its processing needs. Additionally, this feature is currently limited to English in the US and Canada, but Apple promises future expansion to include more languages and regions.

I believe we can vouch for Apple. It is expected that soon Siri will be able to speak Hindi to Hindi speakers, as Apple plans major iOS 18 changes for Indian users. Additionally, Siri 2.0 will also learn to speak nine more Indian languages!

Overall, Live Captions for FaceTime is a welcome addition that enhances accessibility and usability for a wider range of FaceTime users. This feature demonstrates Apple’s commitment to making their technology inclusive for everyone.

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