Patent Describing Apple Music for Business Comes to Light

Recently a patent has been uncovered that shows a new trademark: Apple Music for Business. Business playing music within their stores could be much easier in the future (via Patently Apple).

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Apple Music for Business

When a business plays CDs or other music in a store, songwriters don’t get compensated. If the music is copyrighted the owners might have to obtain a license to legally play it in public. This is what public uses of music means according to courts:

  • Radio stations
  • Bars, restaurants, night clubs, and juke box operators
  • Hotels that play the radio for guests through speakers or headphones
  • Stores
  • Telephone intercom systems that play music while callers are on hold”

As shown in the patent it looks like Apple wants to enter this area and make it easier for business owners to play music. And musicians who have their work in Apple MusicĀ would be properly compensated.

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