Apple Offers Free 3-Year Repair for iPad Smart Keyboard

Apple is offering a new three-year service policy for its Smart Keyboard iPad accessory. The company found that some keyboards were having functional issues during usage. Faulty Smart Connectors and sticky, repeating and non-responsive keys being some of the issues.

Image of an iPad Smart Keyboard.

Free Repair for Smart Keyboards

If you’ve purchased a Smart Keyboard for your iPad and have experienced technical issues with it, you might quality for free repair. Apple will fix your keyboard for free if you get it serviced within three years of the purchase date.

MacRumors reported that some Apple support employees may not be familiar with the brand new policy. If you’ve called to schedule an appointment and talk with someone who doesn’t know about the policy, see if you can escalate your request to a senior AppleCare advisor.

To get your Smart Keyboard repaired, call your local Apple Store to schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar. You can also visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider or contact Apple Support on Twitter.

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