New Apple Patent Outlines Work on Wraparound Display

Apple received approval for patents relating to a wraparound smartphone display and making the “scroll speed proportionate to tilt angle” on Tuesday. They were amongst 37 Apple patents granted in one day. Others related to a “multi-device charging” and “smart fabric”.

Merry Christmas, Here’s 37 Patents

Apple was granted 37 patents on Tuesday (via Patently Apple) that covered a wide range of features. The main takeaway was ongoing work on a smartphone with a wraparound display.  The touch input from the rear of the device would be able to control actions on the main display. According to the patent:

The electronic device defined in claim 1 further comprising a touch sensor, wherein the electronic device has a front face and a rear face and wherein the flexible display layer is configured to display content on the front face based on touch input gathered using the touch sensor on the rear face.

The same patent referred to the scroll speed being affected by the angle the device is being tilted at. It said:

The electronic device defined in claim 2 wherein the control circuitry changes the content by flipping pages of text displayed on the flexible display layer based on the tilt angle.

It also referenced users being able to tilt the device to turn the page. This has led to some speculation Apple could be developing a device for gamers. Apple originally filed a patent for wraparound display technology 5 years ago

Smart Fabrics

Apple was also awarded patents relating to how smart fabrics are integrated with remote controls. One patent said the fabric could contain input-gathering circuitry:

The fabric-based item may include control circuitry that gathers user input from the input circuitry and wireless communications circuitry that the control circuitry uses to transmit remote control commands and other wireless signals in response information from the input circuitry.

Another of the approved patent’s referred to “multi-device” charging for products like AirPower (via 9to5Mac).

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