Elcomsoft Can Now Extract Your iPhone Health Data

A company called Elcomsoft has an iPhone extraction tool called Phone Breaker. It lets the software break into iPhones to extract the data, encrypted or not. And now it has the capability to extract iPhone health data.

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iPhone Health Data

Elcomsoft’s blog post goes into detail of data that Apple secures with end-to-end encryption. They note that Health data is stored in iCloud, and synced across your devices. This means that it’s possible that Health data is stored in two separate containers in iCloud.

The first container is standard and similar to how contacts, notes, reminders, and other information is stored. The second container is more secure and is similar to how iMessages can be stored and secured in the cloud.

In order for Phone Breaker to extract iPhone health data, you have to keep these two containers in mind. To access the first container all you need is the user’s Apple ID and password. The second container can’t be accessed with a token. You’ll need the device’s passcode to access it, because this unlocks the keychain that holds the encryption key for health data.

The blog post doesn’t say¬†how Phone Breaker does this, only that it enters into the “trusted circle” through “a kind of backdoor.” Your other devices won’t notice there has been an intrusion. You’ll still need the device passcode though, so some hacker using the software still won’t be able to break into your iPhone at will.

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