Apple Pencil Pro Packaging Arrives in Five Different Flavors

Apple Pencil Pro Packaging Arrives in Five Different Aesthetics

Apple finally added the “Pro” suffix to its line of Apple Pencils. It was surprising because there weren’t many rumors about the Apple Pencil Pro until someone caught the references about the device on Apple’s Japan website. And now, Apple Pencil Pro is finally here.

There’s a separate article on how the new Apple Pencil Pro performs and what it offers, which we won’t get into here. Today, we’re talking about the piece of art and aesthetic the new Apple Pencil Pro boxes are packing. Apple seems to be jazzing up its packaging, particularly with Pencil Pro, ditching plain brown boxes for colorful ones.

First spotted by Arun Maini aka Mrwhosetheboss, each Apple Pencil Pro box spells out “Pro” in fancy designs, making them stand out. Another clip by Nikias Molina, posted on X, offers a clearer view of all five new aesthetically pleasing packaging on the latest batch of Apple Pencil Pro units.

However, you won’t know which design you’ll get in-store unless you ask. If it’s not busy, you might get lucky and choose what you like the most among the choices, and what can be a part of your collectibles. That said, unfortunately, online shoppers mightn’t stand a chance so it will be Apple deciding which one to send, or better put, what’s in stock.

That said, you can check out to pre-order an Apple Pencil Pro for yourself. It comes with a $129 price tag, and store availability is set for May 15th, around two weeks from now. And if you want to keep all five of these aesthetically crafted boxes of the first-gen Apple Pencil Pro, you’ll need to shell out about $645.

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