Is Apple Fitness+ Still Worth It in 2024? An Honest Review

Text Apple Fitness+ on Apple Watch and iPhone Review 2024

When we think of working out at home, images of dancing to peppy aerobics classes usually come to mind. But guided exercises have come a long since those days. Modern gadgets bring a range of workout trackers, and one app that’s leading this transformation is Apple Fitness+. It’s a popular subscription service that offers guided workout videos, tracks your fitness progress, and provides personalized workout recommendations.

You might have seen from reviews that Apple Fitness+ is an accessible, affordable option, but in a crowded market, does it still hold its own in 2024? This unbiased guide will help you decide. I’ll explain what features you’ll get, how they stack against other apps, and who would likely benefit from a subscription.

What Is Apple Fitness+

Watching Apple Fitness+ Workouts
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Apple Fitness+ is a subscription-based workout service that integrates with Apple devices, e.g., iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV. It offers a wide range of guided video workouts led by expert trainers. Apple routinely updates the exercise categories, but they generally include HIIT, yoga, strength training, kickboxing, and dance.

Fitness+ also uses your Apple Watch to track your progress. It analyzes this data to curate workout recommendations, and guided meditation plans. Personally, I think this level of customization creates a solid starting point for fitness newbies.

For compatibility, you’ll need at least an iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3. Remember, Fitness+ relies on the latest stable Apple OS versions, so older, unsupported devices won’t work.

What Are the Features of Fitness+?

Creating Apple Fitness+ Plans
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Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll get with the Fitness+ app:

  • Ultra-HD Content: The workout and meditation videos in this library play in 4K Ultra-HD. You’ll enjoy the best viewing experience on an Apple-TV compatible smartTV that supports this display quality.
  • A Massive Exercise Library: Fitness+ boasts a massive library of 5,000+ videos and 12 different categories. Most clips range from 5 to 15 minutes long. What I dislike, however, is that these guides don’t provide a detailed overview of their contents, so more often than not, you’re just diving into exercises blindly.
  • Custom Plan Creation: Configure your workout days, preferred exercises, program durations, meditation themes, and trainers.
  • Real-Time Metrics Tracking: Your Apple Watch will display your vital signs on the iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV that it’s connected to.

How Much Does Fitness+ Cost?

Fitness+ costs $9.99/month or $79.99 annually. It costs about the same as other exercise apps, like Peloton and Nike Training Club, so I don’t think the fees are too outrageous. Moreover, you can get one month free as a new subscriber. And if you’re a new subscriber who just bought an Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV, you’ll get three months free.

Fitness+ Pros and Cons

Fitness+ is a decent guided workout app, but it also has its downsides. Here’s a general overview to help you decide whether Fitness+ is right for you.

Subscription fees are relatively affordableYou can’t sync your personal playlist
Library has 5,000+ workout videosThe workouts might seem a bit too easy
You can choose from 12 different categoriesYou can’t tell much from workout videos until you start them
Your Apple Watch tracks your progressThe exercises aren’t categorized based on fitness level
You can customize your workout plan

Is Apple Fitness+ Worth It?

As of writing this review in May 2024, Apple gives first-time Fitness+ users three months free—you just have to install the latest iOS update. If you’re curious, I suggest giving it a go. Most of its workouts are accessible to users of all fitness levels, so don’t worry about getting stuck with advanced programs.

If anything, seasoned fitness buffs might find the app too easy. My friends and I have been training for strength, aesthetics, and endurance for 10+ years, and we felt that only a handful of routines were challenging.

Nonetheless, we still decided to hop on the free trial. Again, the app is free for new accounts. It also has thousands of workouts and meditation guides, some of which we’ve never tried before. I believe trying new, exciting routines is the key to staying consistent with your fitness goals.

That said, feel free to explore other options if the app is too generic. Men and women can look into guided workout apps that suit their body type, fitness level, and long-term goals.

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