Apple Posts Adverts for 6G Engineers

6G network

Apple has posted adverts for engineers to help it develop 6G wireless. The ads, spotted by Bloomberg News, were posted earlier this week and seem to show Apple’s desire to lead as the wireless technology develops.

Apple Looking For 6G Engineers

Two adverts for a Wireless Research Systems Engineer – 5G/6G were posted. One is for a role based in San Diego, another based in Cupertino. The posts say:

You will work on defining system level concepts, proposing and researching innovative ideas & algorithms, performing complex system simulations, defining rapid prototyping platforms to help prove your ideas and specifying RAN protocols and for next generation (5G/6G) cellular systems.

It is notable that Apple is seemingly seizing the initiative in this, given that 6G is not expected to roll out for the best part of a decade.┬áThe company has though been perceived as being behind the curve on 5G, given its first 5G compatible devices only rolled out in 2020. (For what it’s worth, I’m not sure I agree with this analysis, given that 5G is still not widely available.)

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