Apple Recruits UK Students With Music Ambassador Program

Apple Music

Apple has started an Apple Music Ambassador program this week to enlist the help of college students. In exchange for promoting Apple Music, students receive perks based on how many people they can sign up. Apple is running the program with the help of marketing firm Social Chain.

Apple Music Ambassador

Each student gets their own unique affiliate link. This helps them keep track of the number of people they recruit. According to one ambassador, Apple will give the students different tasks throughout the campaign. Students can share links to Apple Music on Twitter using hashtags like #MusicForEveryMinute. The student who has the best performance in each task will receive perks like three free months of Apple Music, or even access to events like the Apple Music Festival.

Apple Music on every device
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Details about the program are still emerging, and 9To5Mac reported this is due to Apple’s secrecy. Even the ambassadors they talked to didn’t get many details. One thing we do know is how ambassadors were selected. In some instances, students were contacted directly by Apple. The company also ran a Facebook ad campaign targeting students.

For now it seems that this ambassador program is limited to university students in the United Kingdom. There is no word on whether Apple will expand it to more countries.

One thought on “Apple Recruits UK Students With Music Ambassador Program

  • Sorry but this feels icky.
    Sleazy in some way.
    I think, and part of me hopes, that if someone starts shilling for AppleMusic at every opportunity, that their friends would start staying away from them.

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