Apple Reduced Rate Battery Replacement Program Ending

LONDON – Apple’s reduced rate battery replacement program will be coming to an end December 21st, 2018. Facing complaints about device performance, Apple announced the replacement program in December 2017. It was set to run for a year. It meant UK customers could get a replacement in an out-of-warranty iPhone for just £25. For US users the service cost $29.

Cut Price Replacement

Apple faced a backlash over changes in iOS designed to better manage aging batteries. Those changes hobbled the CPU on an iPhone with a degraded battery so that spikes in CPU power needs wouldn’t cause that iPhone to shut down. The company didn’t tell consumers it had done this, however, and customer complaints and media criticism led Apple to announce this replacement program. Apple also added information in iOS to make it clear when this was happening.

Apple said that in order to reward loyalty and regain customer trust, it would offer replacement batteries for out of warranty devices. UK users with an iPhone 6 or later model could get the replacement for £25 instead of £79. American customers received a similar offer – replacements only cost $29 instead of $79.

The program was intended to run for a year. That year comes to an end this month. Details of how to get a battery replacement are available on the Apple Support Website.

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  • You’ve got the date wrong, which is an important piece of info. The very Support page you linked to says the discounted rate goes through December 31, 2018. Why did you say the 15th?

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