Apple Seeks to Stop Distribution of ‘App Store Confidential’ Book

App Store Confidential

Apple is taking legal action against a former employee behind a tell-all book. The company alleged that author Tom Sadowski, a former German App Store manager, is revealing “business secrets” that he is prohibited from disclosing (via AppleInsider).

App Store Confidential

App Store No-Longer Confidential

Mr. Sadowski and his publisher, Murmann Verlag, were ordered by Apple stop deliveries of the book. However, The book is already available on Amazon. They have so far resisted all attempts to have distribution stopped.

The book, called App Store Confidential, claims to be a behind-the-scenes look at workings of the digital store. Apple told German outlet Focus that while it has “long supported a free press and supports authors of all kinds,” it believes Mr. Sadowski has “violated his employment relationship” and guidelines which are “applied equally and fairly” across the company. 

The author reportedly worked for Apple for a decade. He worked on iTunes marketing across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Later, he managed the App Store in Germany.

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