Apple Shares Best Night Mode Pictures Shot on iPhone 11

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Apple asked photographers to enter the Night mode challenge and share images taken using the function on iPhone 11, Pro, or Pro Max. On Tuesday, it revealed some of the best.

Best iPhone 11 Night Mode Pictures Revealed

Winners came from around the world, including Russia, India, Spain, and China. My personal favorite is from Konstantin Chalabaov, shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. Apple exec Phill Schiller, who was a judge, described it as a “super-dramatic” image that “could be the opening shot of a great Cold War spy movie.”

A shot from Mitsun Soni, taken in Mumbai, India on an iPhone 11 Pro, is also stunning. The colors are unreal. No wonder judge Tyler Mitchell said it “blows my mind”:

Those are my favorites, but all the Night mode pictures are worth checking out:

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  • I’ve been taking shots of constellations. They’ve come out better than any old style film shots I’ve taken. The one last weekend got all of Orion including the nebula, as well as Taurus. That despite a nearby first quarter moon that brought the background brightness up. Night Mode is really amazing

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