Apple has slashed the price of some AppleCare+ plans. MacRumors spotted that a plan for a MacBook Air now costs US$199 instead of US$249. Meanwhile, for a 13-inch M1 Macbook Pro it is down to US$249 from $269.  The price remains at $269 same for an Intel-powered MacBook Pro, however.

AppleCare+ Plans for M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Get Price Drop

The price drops reportedly apply outside the U.S. too. Customers in Canada are getting the discount, In the UK, the cost of a three-year plan for an M1 13-in MacBook Pro is now £229, and £189 for the MacBook Air. Customers who recently made a purchase and an Apple Care+ plan at the higher price can cancel it and get a new plan at the reduced price via Apple support.

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