Apple Store App Updated to Allow Purchases Using Touch ID and Better Local iPhone Availability

Apple Store purchase using Touch ID

Apple updated the Apple Store app on Thursday with two new features. Version 4.3 allows users to use Touch ID to make Apple Store purchases with their Apple ID (i.e. your iTunes account). It also makes it easier for users to find out if the iPhone they want is at their local Apple Store.

Apple Store 4.3 Release Notes:

  • It’s now easier than ever to see if the iPhone you want is available at an Apple Store near you
  • You can use Touch ID to securely and conveniently pay for your order with your Apple ID, as well as make changes to account settings

The main difference for payments is that the Apple Store app used to require users to enter their password every time when using credit cards attached to their iTunes account to make a purchase. The new feature retains the ability to use those stored credit cards, but allows users to authenticate using Touch ID, as shown in the screenshot below.

Apple Store purchase using Touch ID
Apple Store purchase using Touch ID

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