Apple Store in Southlake, Texas Closes Amidst Following Covid Outbreak

Apple Store Southlake

An Apple Store in Southlake, Texas has closed following a Covid outbreak amongst the staff. NBC News reported that the 22 employees had tested positive.

Covid Outbreak Prompts Closure of Apple Store in Southlake, Texas

The retail outlet will shut its doors Wednesday through Sunday. A manager is understood to have told employees that their colleagues “received a positive diagnosis and will return to work after 10 days of isolation as well as 48 hours of being symptom free.”

However, NBC News also revealed that four people, current and former employees at the Southlake store, alleged that been called by their manager and encouraged to come to work. This is despite them being unwell at the time. Furthermore, in two of these cases, the staff member been told not to come in after taking the Covid-19 survey that Apple requires employees to take before going to work.

Another employee in a different southern state is also reported to have raised similar concerns after working over the Black Friday weekend despite experiencing Covid symptoms.

Company Emphasizes Focus on Customer and Staff Health

A spokesperson for Apple emphasized the company’s commitment to the health of both staff and customers:

As we continue to face these ongoing challenges, we remain committed to a comprehensive approach for our teams that combines regular testing with daily health checks, employee masking, deep cleaning and paid sick leave.

Apple Stores worldwide have implemented measures to try and protect both staff and customers from Covid. My personal experience has been broadly positive, although of course things can vary differently at different sites.

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