Social Technologies LLC filed a lawsuit against Apple today, saying that it owns the federal registration for the word Memoji in the U.S (via Macrumors).


On Apple’s U.S. list of trademarks it includes “Memoji®.” The R symbol means that it is a federally registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. But Social Technologies LLC says it owns the trademark.

From the complaint:

As of that date—June 17, 2019—MEMOJI was not listed on Apple’s Trademark List.

However, immediately following Mr. La Perle’s deposition, the Trademark List was updated to include the falsely designated MEMOJI® mark. On information and belief, Mr. La Perle orchestrated a scheme to undermine Social Tech’s registered trademark rights and mislead the public by causing Apple to add the falsely designated mark to Apple’s Trademark List.

Social Technologies LLC seeks an injunction to stop Apple from using the R symbol with Memoji, and an award of monetary damages and legal fees.

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Lee Dronick

The question is did they have it before the term was announced on stage and Apple just didn’t check?
Or did Apple not trademark it before the announcement and Social Technologies jumped in and snatched it up.
Either way, a screw up by Apple.