Apple to Allow Monthly Payments For Devices Using Apple Card

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Apple is reportedly going to allow customers to purchase devices and then pay for them on a monthly basis, using Apple Card (via Bloomberg News). Interest-free plans lasting 12-months could apply to items such as iPads, Macs, the Apple Pencil and iPad keyboards, and the Mac XDR Display monitor.

Interest-Free Apple Card Payments to Boost Sales And Sign-ups

As well as the annual plans, it is understood there could be a six-month plan for AirPods, Apple TV, and HomePod. Education discounts will still be applicable. The payments will be added to a customer’s monthly Apple Card bill and will be managed within the Wallet app. As well as a bid to boost device sales, the plan is also aimed at increasing sign-ups to Apple’s first dive into financial services, which is launched in collaboration with Goldman Sachs.

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