Apple in Discussions to Broadcast MLB Games

Baseball in a mitt with the Apple logo

Apple is in “substantial talks” to broadcast Major League Baseball (MLB) games next season, according to the New York Post. Games would be shown via TV+.

Apple TV+ Could Broadcast Weekday MLB Games

The package up for discussion is weekday national games. Until recently these were aired by ESPN. While MLB is understood to have discussed broadcasting games with the likes of Amazon and Barstool Sports, it seems Apple TV+ is going to win out. Neither party had commented publicly at the time of this writing.

There have long been rumors about Apple TV+ making a live-sports play and it seems a very likely next step. Baseball would be a good entry point. The financial commitment would not likely be huge – smaller than the one between Amazon and the NFL, which is valued at over US1 billion per year. Furthermore, Apple and MLB have a long-standing relationship. The sports league’s app was amongst the first available on the App Store when it launched in 2008.

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W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

Charlotte: Having been stranded in the USA since the pandemic, I have come to appreciate the game of baseball (the Ken Burns series was a tremendous education, for anyone interested in the game), and have since become a fan of baseball’s two most storied teams, the NY Yankees and the Dodgers (formerly Brooklyn cum LA). I even subscribed to the MLB in order to watch games of choice wherever played, beginning with the 2020 World Series (Dodgers over Tampa Bay).  It would be great to see Apple TV hosting this quintessentially American sport (it’s definitely nothing like Cricket or a… Read more »