Apple Rolls Out visionOS 1.1.2 and visionOS 1.2 Beta 1 to Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Apple is rolling out a new software update for the Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset. The update, called visionOS 1.1.2, comes on the cusp of releasing visionOS 1.1.1 around March last week. Besides the software update available for everyone, Cupertino is also seeding the visionOS 1.2 beta 1 update to the developers.

As for what comes with visionOS 1.1.2, it’s a minor update so don’t expect any new cool features but potential bug fixes. Therefore, a general user wouldn’t be able to figure out what exactly is new, or at least, notice them immediately. Nevertheless, Apple recommends keeping the devices updated with the latest software updates.

“Keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your Apple product’s security,” according to Apple.

How to Install visionOS 1.1.2 on Apple Vision Pro?

To update your Apple Vision Pro headset to the latest visionOS, first open the Settings app. Then, tap General and select Software Update. If you see the option to download visionOS 1.1.2, go ahead and install it. But if the update isn’t available there yet, fret not; sometimes updates are released in batches, so it might become available for you gradually.

On top of the latest update, Apple has brought in spatial Persona support that enables virtual representations of friends and family to show up beyond the FaceTime screen, which looks surreal. Consequently, apps like Apple Music, Apple TV, Freeform, and third-party Game Room software now utilize spatial Persona.

That said, Apple is gearing up to host its annual developers’ conference, Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 (WWDC) starting June 10 through June 14. It will mark the first anniversary of Apple Vision Pro’s unveiling, and there are chances that Apple might unveil new features or showcase the visionOS 2 during the upcoming event, which may pack in some Absolutely Incredible (AI) features.

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