Apple Watch Overheats on User’s Wrist and Later Explodes, Prompting Investigation from Apple


Yesterday, an Apple Watch Series 7 user gave details about their device overheating, smoking, and eventually reaching a point that it exploded; Apple was notified of the situation and confirmed an investigation.

However, at the same time, Apple also made attempts to coerce the user into signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Apple Watch Series 7 Overheats, Explodes, Apple Begins an Investigation

In a report from 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch user explained that he was wearing the device when he began to notice the Watch was getting much hotter than usual. The back of the Apple Watch was also beginning to crack, and the user also reports that watchOS was giving a warning that the device needed to shut down due to temperature.

The user also provided the context that he was in his house, where the temperature was just over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

After this situation began to unfold, the Apple Watch user stated that he immediately called Apple Support to explain their situation. Making its way through levels of Apple’s support hierarchy, the call ultimately landed in the hand of a manager. The manage created a case for further investigation. While the wearer was given no solution to his problem, he was given instructions to not touch the watch until Apple got back to him.

There is an additional video users can view, which requires going to YouTube due to foul language.

The following morning, the situation further escalated when the Apple Watch user awoke to find the Apple Watch was even hotter to the touch. Additionally, the heat was capable of cracking the device’s display.

Picking up the Watch to send photos to Apple, the device immediately made “crackling sounds” and then “exploded” as the user threw the device out the window. Due to the incident, the Apple Watch left burn marks on the wearer’s couch. The user also went to the hospital due to concerns of lead poisoning. However, it is worth noting that the Apple Watch does not have enough lead to cause poisoning. Of course, one should always play it safe rather than sorry.

Further Complications

The user reached out to Apple once again to provide an update on his situation. Upon hearing the news, Apple informed the wearer that his case would be a “top priority”, and that he would receive un update by the following Monday. The user heard back from Apple Oct. 5, a Wednesday.

A photo of the Apple Watch Series 7 once it had exploded. (Photo Credit: “9to5Mac”.)

Apple made arrangements for picking up the Watch, and stated it would take the device back to its labs for further testing. Additionally, Apple also sent the wearer a document asking the user to not share the story with anyone. The Apple Watch user declined, and reached out to 9to5Mac to share his story.

Concerning the story itself, there seems to be many missing pieces. Of course, Apple asking the wearer to not disclose his story only creates further complications. Discussing the situation on The Daily Observation, users likely do not have to worry about their Apple Watch exploding. However, it will be interesting to see what follows from this story, if anything. Since Apple will likely remain silent on the issue unless prompted, readers will simply have to wait and see what other information emerges.

While users likely don’t have to worry about their Apple Watch exploding on them, it’s always best to take precautions. According to Apple’s guidelines, should your Apple Watch begin to overheat, remove it from your wrist or charging device and place it somewhere cooler.

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