Apple Partners With Werner Herzog on ‘Fireball” Documentary

Werner Herzog

Apple announced today that it’s partnering with filmmaker Werner Herzog and professor Clive Oppenheimer on a documentary called “Fireball.”


“Fireball” takes views on a journey to discover how meteors, meteorites, and deep impact craters have inspired the human imagination.

“Fireball” is a Werner Herzog Film production and hails from the Oscar nominated, nine-time Emmy-nominated, BAFTA, Emmy, Peabody, Grierson and RTS Award-winning production company Spring Films. The film is produced by André Singer and Lucki Stipetić, executive produced by Richard Melman, and made with the help and support of Sandbox Films.

Clive Oppenheimer
Professor Clive Oppenheimer

It joins other Apple original documentaries like “Boys State”, “The Elephant Queen”, “Beastie Boys Story”, and “Visible: Out On Television”.

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