Apple Will Allow Used Parts for Repairs, and Thieves Won’t Like It

a man repairing an open iPhone with a screwdriver

Two years ago, Apple launched its “Self Service Repair Program“. A website where users and independent stores could order parts and tools to repair Apple products on their own. Now, the Cupertino-based company will expand it to allow repairs with used parts… and avoid thieves in the process.

This option will be available from iPhone 15 onwards, and later models will follow. Apple will include in “Settings” of each serviced iPhone a list of replaced parts. And it will inform the user whether they are new or not. Moreover, it’ll no longer be necessary to provide the iPhone’s serial number to purchase parts. At least if you don’t intend to replace the motherboard.

Furthermore, Apple has also informed that it will extend its “Activation Lock” system to used parts. Thus, if someone uses a part from a stolen iPhone, the phone will automatically restrict its functions. That’s a very clever way to prevent the theft of iPhones. Many thieves know it’s impossible to unlock them, so they sell their parts separately. Now these parts will become useless, so hopefully iPhone thefts will decrease. Apple’s hardware engineering chief John Ternus said:

“Apple will also extend its popular Activation Lock feature to iPhone parts in order to deter stolen iPhones from being disassembled for parts. Requested by customers and law enforcement officials, the feature was designed to limit iPhone theft by blocking a lost or stolen iPhone from being reactivated. If a device under repair detects that a supported part was obtained from another device with Activation Lock or Lost Mode enabled, calibration capabilities for that part will be restricted.

For the last two years, teams across Apple have been innovating on product design and manufacturing to support repairs with used Apple parts that won’t compromise users’ safety, security, or privacy. With this latest expansion to our repair program, we’re excited to be adding even more choice and convenience for our customers, while helping to extend the life of our products and their parts.


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