Apple’s FineWoven Accessories Might Continue to Live On

It has been a year since Apple launched a new lineup of FineWoven cases. The cases have taken a flak from users right from the beginning. Apple’s FineWoven case is plagued with complaints about durability. Recent rumours claimed that Apple will ditch the FineWoven cases. Now, the same source claims that the company will launch FineWoven accessory in new colors. 

FineWoven case damaged by use
Image source: The Verge

A year ago Apple decided to ditch all the leather products. The move was lauded by many, including PETA. The plan was to replace leather with premium and eco-friendly fine woven materials. Things started going downhill when users began complaining about the FineWoven accessory. Apparently, it was prone to scratches, dust and other accidental damages. Some users claimed that the iPhone FineWoven case lost its sheen very soon. 

Now, the question is how Apple handled the issue. A leaked internal memo to retail employees did very little to address the issue. The memo bluntly asked employees to let customers know that “FineWoven material is made from a luxurious micro twill, with a soft yet durable suede-like texture.” It went on to say that cases “may look different and show wear over time as the filers get compressed with normal use.”

Kosutami is known for its solid track record regarding Apple products. However, the latest claim needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. The leak claims Apple will launch new color options for FineWoven cases. In all likelihood, Apple could improvise and change the fabric. If successful, it should help resolve all the complaints regarding the current crop of FineWoven cases. Meanwhile, Apple should start a recall or replacement program for the first batch of affected cases. 

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