Apple Halts Production of FineWoven Accessories Amid Criticism Over Poor Durability

FineWoven case damaged by use

When Apple launched the iPhone 15 in September last year, they introduced a new material for their accessories: FineWoven. Apple decided not to use leather in their products, so they replaced it with this synthetic material made of “durable micro-twill”.  The issue is that many users have complained about the poor condition of their products after little use. It doesn’t seem to be as durable as the leather Apple used until now. And it looks like Apple is going to solve it.

According to well-known leaker Kosutami, Apple has stopped the production of accessories made with FineWoven. It’s true that the company didn’t launch its traditional new spring colors in this material, so it makes sense. Also, according to the leaker, the company is considering replacing FineWoven with another material, though not going back to the leather it had been using until September last year.

Should this be true, we understand that we should be able to corroborate it in September. Apple will launch the iPhone 16, and therefore the cases and other accessories for these new models. However, September is not that far away, so if the company wants to use a new material, it won’t take long to start the production of the accessories. So maybe something more will leak out about this then. Until that happens, or until another analyst or leaker weighs in, we recommend taking this one with a grain of salt.


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