Apple To Skip M3 Mac mini to Launch M4 Version

M4 chip with Mac mini

The Mac mini is Apple’s entry-level computer. It’s a compact device, with a wide range of ports, discreet, quiet, and it’s well priced. It’s true that you have to connect it to a display, and it comes without a mouse and keyboard, but in the end it’s an entry-level device. It was among the first to begin the transition to Apple Silicon in 2020, and now it could take a big leap in performance.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Apple could skip the M3 Mac mini to launch directly the M4 version by the end of 2024. We know that Apple is planning a launch of the M4 chip soon thanks to a recent leak. Moreover, these chips would bring new AI features. Apple will probably talk about some of them during the WWDC keynote on June 10.

If Apple plans to launch the M4 version, it makes sense to drop the M3 Mac mini. It wouldn’t seem logical to launch it now only to release a new one in 6 months. More so considering those supposed AI enhancements and features would only be available for the M4 chip.

If history is anything to go by, this Mac mini will most likely launch in October or November. Apple has traditionally saved its September event for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Later on, around late October or early November, there is usually another more Mac-focused event.


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