LeBron James Leaks New Beats Pill Speaker

LeBron James carrying Beats Pill

In 2014, Apple acquired the audio company Beats for 3 billion dollars. It is to date the largest amount of money ever spent by Apple on an acquisition of this kind. Since then, the company has launched several products, the latest being the Beats Studio Pro. Now, LeBron James has been spotted with a Beats Pill speaker. It’s a product line that appeared to have been canceled, but on which the company has apparently continued to work.

LeBron James is a regular brand partner of Beats. In fact, in May 2021, he uploaded a photo to Instagram using the Beats Studio Buds. Less than a month later, Apple officially unveiled them. We believe that was some sort of advertising campaign.

Now, LeBron James has been spotted with a Beats speaker that is very reminiscent of the Beats Pill models. It looked that Apple had discontinued this product in 2022. Its last launch was the Beats Pill+ in 2015. However, this model that LeBron James is carrying is new. We don’t know anything about it, so it looks like the Beats Pill speaker is making a comeback. We are sure many will be happy about that.

Nothing has leaked so far. Neither its name, nor the price, nor the features… we don’t know anything about it. So for now we’ll have to wait for new details to leak or for Apple to announce it officially. Hopefully, we’ll know everything about this device that no one expected soon.


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