Apple’s iCloud gets 2TB Storage Tier Ahead of iPhone Launch

iCloud storage upgrade

Apple quietly added a 2TB storage option for iCloud subscribers, doubling the previous high end tier. The company added the new level this week, leading to speculation that the company’s September 7th media really will include a new iPhone with 256GB storage.

iCloud storage upgrade
iCloud storage add-ons now top out at 2TB

All iCloud subscriptions include 5GB online storage for free with the option to add more for a monthly fee. 50GB costs US$0.99, 200GB is priced at $2.99, 1TB runs $9.99, and the new 2TB option costs $19.99 a month.

Rumors claim Apple is dropping the 16GB low-end storage option for the iPhone 7 in favor of 32GB. The mid-range storage option will reportedly be 128GB, with 256GB becoming the new high-end storage option.

The new 2TB iCloud tier is great for users already finding the 1TB option too limited, but it’s also a welcome addition for Mac users planning on taking advantage of macOS Sierra’s Desktop sync feature. Desktop syncing does exactly what you think: it synchronizes your macOS Desktop so the same files and folders are on all of your Macs, and in the same place on your screen.

You can upgrade your iCloud storage from your Mac by going to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud. Click Manage, then click Buy More Storage. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and tap Change Storage Plan.

Syncing all those files can eat through your iCloud storage quickly, so adding a 2TB option ahead of releasing macOS Sierra to the public is a smart move. Apple hasn’t narrowed down when macOS Sierra will ship other than to say it’s some time this fall. With new iPhones and iOS 10 coming this month and new Macs most likely in October, macOS Sierra has to be coming soon.

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