Apple’s System Status Page Updated With Last Known Outages

new apple system status page

Whenever Apple’s online services go down, the company provides basic information on its System Status page. In the past this page just gave information on which services were down at any given moment, with a brief timeline of the outage. Apple updated the the service this week to replace the timeline with something better.

System Status Hyperlinks

The new status page provides information on resolved issues. When you click on a hyperlinked service, a window will popup with details like:

  • Current status
  • Time of last known issue occurrence
  • Number of users affected
  • How users experienced this issue
new apple system status page
Apple’s new status page

The next time Apple experiences an outage, you can see a bit more information about what happened. Although Apple has a status page for developers, it still uses the old system. We’ll have to wait to see if Apple updates it too.

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