AT&T is the First Carrier to Support eSIM

Apple rolled out iOS 12.1.1 yesterday, and with it came “eSIM for additional carriers.” In a support document, AT&T said that it fully supports eSIM and dual-SIM iPhones.

[Here Are The Countries That Support eSIM in the new iPhones]

eSIM Support

In the United States AT&T is the first carrier to support eSIM. In Canada eSIM is supported by Bell, Fido, Lucky Mobile, Rogers, and Virgin Mobile. You can find the full list of carrier support here.

  • Text: Choose which number you want to use before sending a text, picture, or video message. Get messages from either number anytime.
  • Data: Data is only available on 1 number at a time. Normally, you’ll choose the number or account to use for that data session. But, if you’re browsing the web while on a call, you’ll have to use the same number for both activities. Connected to Wi-Fi? Your device will use it for both numbers (even if you’re on a call).
  • TalkMaking a call? Choose the number you want to use before you call. Keep in mind: You can’t put a call on hold for 1 number and place a call from the other. Already on a call? You’ll get a notification for incoming calls on the number you’re using. Incoming calls for your second number go straight to voicemail.

Hopefully AT&T doesn’t lock your iPhone eSIM to its service like it does with iPad eSIMs.

[PSA: You Can’t Use Two CDMA SIMs in the New iPhones]

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