Backblaze Updates With Faster Upload Speeds

SSD hard drive

On Wednesday Backblaze announced its big 8.0 upgrade that includes faster upload speeds as the main feature.

Backblaze Version 8.0

Here is what the company says on its post:

  • Performance Boost: You now can run up to 100 threads concurrently if your system and network are up to it. From go-kart to highway speeds in one update! It’s like nitrous for uploads.
  • Smarter Gas Pedal: If you’re worried about stressing your motor, we’ve greatly improved our autothrottle, which will keep your bandwidth and system load in mind if you don’t want to.
  • Easier on the Engine: We’ve reduced the client’s load on your HDD or SSD by up to 80% by reconfiguring how reads and writes happen before encryption and upload.
  • A New Coat of Paint: Sometimes it helps to look faster, too, so we updated our brand a touch to keep up with what’s under the hood.

You can download the latest version here.

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