Bad Reviews of New Apple TV+ Show ‘Amazing Stories’ Have Disappeared

Apple TV+ series Amazing Stories is set to be released this Friday, March 6. Not surprisingly, there were a few pre-launch reviews lined-up. Equally unsurprising, those reviews were not very good.

Where did the ‘Amazing Stories’ Reviews Go?

iMore and Cult of Mac shared some of the comments on the Steven Spielberg directed series. called it “a warmed-over version of a creaky Twilight Zone or Outer Limits premise,” that was “bland and forgettable. Meanwhile, The Spool described Amazing Stories as “lackluster.”

Well, apparently that’s what they said. Both those reviews have now disappeared. You can’t find them anywhere on the websites, or via the Wayback Machine. There are no reviews on other sites if you do a Google search for them. Conspiracy theorists may enjoy the idea that the iron fist of Apple reigned down, censoring negative reviews. However, the most likely explanation then is that these sites broke an embargo, publishing their reviews before a date agreed with Apple. Uhoh. If that is the case, I suspect they won’t be getting any more preview episodes in the near future!

One thought on “Bad Reviews of New Apple TV+ Show ‘Amazing Stories’ Have Disappeared

  • More important than review of apple shows, I really have been noticing a lot of articles I search for that used to be available have been disappearing more and more on the internet. The lack of access to not long ago recent history shapes our view of the world. It’s troubling and why we need something like a better funded wayback machine that also comes up in searches.

    Great report Charlotte, thanks!

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