BBEdit 13.5 Adds Markdown Cheat Sheet, Rescued Documents

BBEdit screenshot

Bare Bones Software released an update to BBEdit that adds a Markdown cheat sheet, supported rescued documents, and runs natively on M1 Macs.

BBEdit 13.5

The company does note that the universal app is currently only available directly from Bare Bones Software. The app in the Mac App Store is Intel-only. Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc:

Over the last 30 years, millions of people have turned to BBEdit to get the job done when the going gets tough. That’s why we make sure BBEdit is first in place on day one: first on PowerPC, first on Mac OS X, first on Intel, first on the Mac App Store, and now first on Apple silicon. You can use BBEdit to make quick notes, write code, and do all the basics, but you can also use BBEdit to sift, process, and transform multi-gigabyte files, crunch through hundreds of thousands of files, and transform text in a truly dizzying variety of ways.

Some new features:

  • A “New Text File” command enables customers to create a file on disk and open it for editing in a single step
  • A new Markdown Cheat Sheet provides a handy quick reference as well as an expedient means for inserting common Markdown constructions.
  • BBEdit saves enough information when quitting to reopen those documents at application startup without needing to reconnect to the remote server.
  • BBEdit 13.5 adds a new feature, which saves a “rescue” copy when closing an untitled document without saving changes. A new “Rescue Documents” command provides quick access to the rescue copies, and provides a safety net to guard against unintentional data loss.7

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