BBEdit 14.1 Update Adds Support for Shortcuts on Mac

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BBEdit 14.1 is out on Tuesday and adds support for Shortcuts, an expanded notes system, and a new image viewer. BBEdit is available directly from Bare Bones Software or by subscription on the Mac App Store.

BBEdit 14.1

BBEdit 14.1 delivers a substantial expansion to the notes system introduced in BBEdit 14 to provide a convenient means for creating and saving non-temporary text documents without the clutter of numerous “untitled text” documents or files on disk. Previously, all notes were retained in a single notebook, while BBEdit now supports the creation of multiple notebooks to address many customers’ needs for diversified storage of information, for example on a per-job basis.

Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc., said:

Clearly, the Notes system introduced in BBEdit 14 really scratched an itch. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive and people wanted more. Multiple Notebooks provides the means for staying organized, and other features let you clean as you go. Shortcuts users often need their text to land somewhere, so our new actions make that happen. In all, BBEdit 14.1 is a solid feature and maintenance update to BBEdit 14.

Additions to the basic notes feature set provide additional aids to navigation and organization: new options for arranging notes in a notebook’s sidebar; and a “remove note” command to quickly close and delete the current note. Multi-file search can now include notebooks as available sources.

Facilitating web development, new image viewing capabilities allow for image browsing in disk browsers and projects, and image opening in ordinary window sidebars. The image view renders the image on a contrasting gray background, above presented corresponding metadata details with a “remove metadata” option.

For macOS Monterey users, new shortcuts support include the useful shortcuts actions “Create Text Document” and “Create Note” that will create a text document or note using contents provided from the shortcut.

BBEdit 14.1 also includes enhancements and refinements to existing features, and fixes for specific reported issues, and is a recommended and free update to all registered customers with BBEdit 14.

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