Apple released two new videos over the weekend, depicting artists using its products to create at home. One clip features GRAMMY winner James Blake writing a song. The other follows Tyler Mitchell, the first Black photographer to shoot a U.S. Vogue cover, creating a new portrait series. Both we followed over a 24-hour period by remote cameras.

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‘Behind the Mac’ Gives Insight into Top Artists’ Methods

Even though they are short, I really enjoyed these videos. Without revealing any state secrets, they give us mortals an insight into how artists at the top of their game work.

For Mr. Blake, Logic Pro X is central to his home studio setup. Meanwhile, Mr. Mitchell turned his bedroom into a studio and editing suite, using a MacBook Pro and Photoshop to produce a series of portraits.

It’s not the first time Mr. Blake has produced a work from home video for Apple. A previous clip showed him producing a song using a Mac Book Pro and Logic Pro X.

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