New ‘Behind The Mac Videos’ With James Blake and Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell Behind the Mac

Apple released two new videos over the weekend, depicting artists using its products to create at home. One clip features GRAMMY winner James Blake writing a song. The other follows Tyler Mitchell, the first Black photographer to shoot a U.S. Vogue cover, creating a new portrait series. Both we followed over a 24-hour period by remote cameras.

‘Behind the Mac’ Gives Insight into Top Artists’ Methods

Even though they are short, I really enjoyed these videos. Without revealing any state secrets, they give us mortals an insight into how artists at the top of their game work.

For Mr. Blake, Logic Pro X is central to his home studio setup. Meanwhile, Mr. Mitchell turned his bedroom into a studio and editing suite, using a MacBook Pro and Photoshop to produce a series of portraits.

It’s not the first time Mr. Blake has produced a work from home video for Apple. A previous clip showed him producing a song using a Mac Book Pro and Logic Pro X.

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