Apple Sued Over iTunes Gift Card Scams

Image of iTunes gift card

Seven Apple customers filed an 11-count class action lawsuit against the company, alleging that Apple “knowingly or recklessly enabled an iTunes gift card scam” (via Patently Apple).

iTunes Gift Card Scams

The plaintiffs say that Apple tells scam victims that nothing can be done once the money is spent, and that this is a lie.

Despite the fact that Apple retains the funds from purchases made using iTunes gift cards for four to six weeks before paying App and iTunes store vendors and keeps a 30% commission on scammed proceeds, Apple’s webpage and other communications falsely inform the public that all scammed proceeds are irretrievable.

Image of iTunes gift card

ITunes gift card scams are fairly common, and the FTC has a web page all about it. The scammer could claim to be from tech support, the IRS, or saying a family member is in jail and they need gift cards as payment. They then use the gift cards to either buy products in order to resell them, or buy apps they control and receive their App Store payout.

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