Belgium Apple Pay Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Take this with a grain of salt, but a Redditor claiming to work at an Apple Store in Brussels says that Belgium Apple Pay should launch in the next few weeks.

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Belgium Apple Pay

image of person using apple pay

I work at the Apple Store in Brussels and had a client that wanted to pay with Apple Pay. Since we don’t have it officially yet in Belgium, we don’t offer it as a payment method in the store. The guy was Belgian and showed me that he had added his credit cards and debit cards to his Wallet application.

Apparently BNP Paribas / Fortis has an exclusive deal with Apple until January 1st, and they’ll be the only ones for now. He was a BNP Paribas employee which is why he got early access. He told me it should roll out over the coming weeks but that the date had already been pushed back a few times, so it might be that support for other banks will be pushed back as well. I’m assuming once the exclusivity contract is gone KBC and ING will be quick to follow.

For a full list of countries and regions that support Apple Pay, visit Apple’s support page.

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