How to Tell if Your Congressman Supports Net Neutrality

Polls show that net neutrality will be an issue for voters in upcoming midterm elections. But how can you find out if your congressman supports net neutrality?

[3 GOP Senators Join Dems to Pass Legislation Preserve Net Neutrality]

Net Neutrality Support

The website has a VoteBot you can text. It will tell you which politicians in your area support or oppose net neutrality. It will also help you contact them, register to vote, and more.

screenshot of votebot

If you aren’t comfortable sharing your phone number, the website has a big list of candidates on their net neutrality stance. You’ll see other resources too, like a PDF to create a yard sign, and various images to use as profile images on social media.

[Tim Berners-Lee Wants Your Help in Protecting Net Neutrality from Ajit Pai’s FCC]

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Pretty easy to tell, if Democrat they support it, if Republican maybe but when push comes to shove they will bow to their leadership and vote it down.