BenjiLock Introduces BenjiLock TSA, Updates Original Product

LAS VEGAS, NV — BenjiLock is introducing BenjiLock TSA, the latest version of their fingerprint lock at CES 2020.  Robbie Cabral, Inventor and CEO, highlighted the features of this lock.

BenjiLock TSA can be opened three ways.  The first of course is via a fingerprint, and is multiuser storing up to five fingerprints.  The other side of the lock has a three digit keypad, which provides a backup method to unlock it with a PIN.  Plus, it is Travel Sentry Approved, the symbol on the lock letting the TSA know they can open it if they need to.  Powering the lock is a lithium ion rechargeable battery which can last a year on a charge.   BenjiLock TSA is available in black, matte navy, rose gold and white, and priced at $49.99 USD.

The original BenjiLock 43mm received updated colors, now offering matte black, matte grey and matte navy in addition to white.  This lock can store up to 10 fingerprints, allows access via fingerprint or a physical key, has a hardened steel shackle, and a one year rechargeable battery.  BenjiLock 43mm is $69.99 USD.

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