Best Buy Joins Apple for Expanded Repair Service

Today Apple announced a partnership with Best Buy for an expanded repair service. Almost 1,000 Best Buy stores in the U.S. now give repairs and service for Apple devices.

Best Buy Repair

Apple customers in cities including Yuma, Arizona; Sioux City, Iowa; Twin Falls, Idaho; Casper, Wyoming and Bismarck, North Dakota will have access to repairs. Best Buy’s president of Services, Trish Walker, commented on the news:

We love being there for our customers no matter what their Apple need is, from helping them choose the right device, to offering AppleCare protection and now helping fix their devices. We’ve always enjoyed a great partnership with Apple and we’re thrilled that, together, we can better serve our customers.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad now has about 7,600 Apple-certified technicians to make same-day iPhone repairs or to repair other Apple products.

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