Black Friday 2021: Get Up to 60% Off Creaceed Photography Apps

creaceed black Friday 2021

Creaceed announced that as of November 22nd, it offers up to 60% discount on the iOS and macOS apps for Black Friday. This offer is valid through Monday November 29th – Cyber Monday.

iOS App Sale

  • Inko – Collaborative Whiteboard. Inko is a collaborative whiteboard app (for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV) that lets users draw together on the same virtual canvas using several devices, locally or remotely. US$9.99 | 50% off
  • Prizmo 5 – Pro Scanner. Prizmo 5 is a camera-based scanner app that enables the user to scan and recognize text documents, business cards and images. US$11.99 | 40% off
  • Prizmo Go – Instant Text OCR. Prizmo Go allows the user to quickly grab text off a typewritten or handwritten document. US$6.99 | 40% off
  • Hydra – Amazing Photography. Hydra is a camera app that enables the user to take beautiful pictures even in difficult lighting conditions thanks to HDR, Lo-Light, Hi-Res, and Zoom modes. US$1.99 | 60% off
  • Carbo – Digital Notebook & Handwriting. Carbo is a digital notebook app that lets you capture, edit and organize notes and drawings, bringing handwriting into the digital age. US$5.99 | 50% off
  • Emulsio – Video Stabilizer. Emulsio is a video-stabilizing app (software gimbal) that makes videos smoother and more professional. US$6.99 | 40% off

Mac App Sale

  • Hydra – Pro HDR Photo Editor. Hydra is a powerful HDR photo studio app that can easily create beautiful high-dynamic-range (HDR) images from a set of exposures, effectively capturing both dark and bright subjects to make it more natural or to enhance scene drama. US$29.99 | 50% off
  • Morph Age – Image Morphing. Morph Age is morphing app to create video transitions from faces (or objects). Several animation effects are also available and the length of the transformation can also be changed. US$29.99 | 50% off
  • Prizmo Mac – Pro Scanning. Prizmo is an OCR app that lets you create text-searchable PDFs from documents captured with a scanner or camera. US$29.99 | 50% off

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