Blix Antirust Case Against Apple Dismissed by Judge

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A Delaware judge has granted Apple a second motion to dismiss claims brought against it by Blix. The BlueMail developer alleged that Sign in with Apple infringed its patent and that Apple engaged in anti-competitive behavior.

Apple Celebrates Antitrust and Patent Win Against Blix

As 9to5 Mac noted, Blix was a founding member of the Coalition for App Fairness, which challenges Apple’s App Store policies. In a statement to that publication, Apple said:

Blix, a member of the Coalition for App Fairness and frequent complainer to press and regulators, alleged false conspiracy theories and anti-competitive claims against Apple. The court correctly rejected these claims and threw out Blix’s case. This case demonstrates that Apple has consistently acted legally by introducing its own innovative products and features that promote competition.

Legal Ruling Goes Against BlueMail Developer

The patent infringement of this case had was dismissed in March 2021. Law Street Media reported that the most recent ruling, issued on July 9, said:

The core of Blix’s allegation seems to be that Apple has constructed a ‘moat’ around ‘its user base by a series of actions that, individually and especially together, make it difficult and expensive for Apple iOS users to leave the coordinated technological ecosystem;’ this moat is allegedly ‘grounded and protected by Apple’s monopoly power in its OS.

Blix argued that Sign in with Apple breached its Messaging Bridge patent and allowed Apple further dominance in the relevant markets. However, according to the ruling:

Apple’s current policy of requiring Sign In With Apple whenever any SSO product is offered … does not foreclose the use of other SSOs.

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