Developer Suing Apple, Says Sign in With Apple Infringes Its Patent

privacy Sign in with Apple

If you’re excited about the rollout of Sign in With Apple, it’s worth remembering – earlier this month a developer sued Apple, claiming that the tool copies their technology. Blix believes that the log-in technology violates a 2017 patent for the Share Email features in Blue Mail app (via Beebom).

privacy Sign in with Apple

Sign in With Apple Private Email Address Infringes Blue Mail Patent, Claims Developer

The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. ¬†Blix’s claim focused on Sign in with Apple’s ability to hide a user’s real email address from online services during authentication.

This is not the first time Blix has gone after Apple. It said Apple unfairly suppressed Blue Mail, temporarily sending it tumbling down the App Store rankings to 143rd. Furthermore, it took issue with Apple removing Blue Mail from the App Store amid allegations it copied Type App.

Just because the company is once against suing Apple, it doesn’t mean. Sign in With Apple is going to have to change in any meaningful way. Apple faces lawsuits like this all the time. However, given the excitement around the feature¬†this is one to watch.

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