Brydge Offers 20% Off its MacBook Vertical Docks

brydge sale macbook vertical dock

Brydge says you can save 20% off its MacBook Vertical Docks. This product aims to tighten up your desktop and leave room for your other devices. It’s available for US$129.99, down from US$169.99.

MacBook Vertical Dock

Sleek in its design and simple to use, the Vertical Dock opens up essential space on a crowded desk while neatly managing the flow of connections in and out of your Thunderbolt 3 equipped MacBook.

Simply slide your MacBook into the form-fitting Vertical Dock for a seamless integration and instant connection with all of your devices, including dual display capabilities. By decreasing the friction between you and your environment, the Vertical Dock gives you the freedom to focus on critical tasks that deserve your full attention.

As part of your desktop, home media center or conference room, the Vertical Dock makes moving between those locations easier. The Vertical Dock works with any connections that work with your MacBook Pro making it at home in any environment.

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