iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit and Mako Driver Kit are now Carbon Neutral

ifixit tool repair fix

On Wednesday, iFixit announced that its Pro Tech Toolkit and Mako Driver Kit are now carbon neutral. They are registered carbon neutral products through Carbonfund.org’s Carbonfree Product Certification Program, and as a result, have earned Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly badge.

Carbon Neutral iFixit

Carbonfund.org’s certification means iFixit has measured and reported the kits’ greenhouse gas emissions, begun the work of minimizing those emissions, and pledged to offset all the emissions it cannot yet eliminate.

iFixit is committed to fighting the serious environmental consequences of the mining and manufacturing needed to make electronics. The best way to reduce these ill effects is to reduce our consumption, slowing down the replacement cycle. Slowing that cycle means fixing the stuff we own instead of buying new. That’s why our mission is to teach the world to fix our stuff, one thing at a time. Our tools are a great way to keep your devices going, but we also want to ensure our products are doing the most good with the least manufacturing harm.

The company has also made changes to its packaging and products to further reduce that footprint. For instance, it uses recycled, recyclable, compostable paper to protect the things it ships, instead of waste-heavy plastic or styrofoam. iFixit is also part of the How2Recycle label program, enabling easier, better recycling.

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