Tim Cook Talks New ‘The Grove’ Retail Store in Los Angeles

Tim Cook Intro iPhone 13 event

Apple’s latest retail store at The Grove in Los Angeles opened recently, and Tim Cook briefly spoke of the update in an interview.

Tim Cook in The Grove

The Apple CEO was there for the opening, greeting guests and celebrating the store’s open design that incorporates nature. “We want a place for people to come in and browse and come in and explore technology and find out what the products will do for them.”

Of the pandemic and how our relationship with technology has changed: I think it’s become much more important to us… in getting along with our daily lives… it enabled us to stay connected to each other… and our work as well.”

Speaking of Apple’s Self Repair Program: “It feels good to put the manuals out there and get the parts out there that enables people to do this.”

And of Apple’s next Big Thing? “We’re very focused on augmented reality, we’re very focused on artificial intelligence… we’re very focused on autonomy, we’re very focused on all these things that are core technologies, and we’ll use them in a variety of ways.”

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