Broadcom Boss Hints Latest iPhone Release is Set to be Delayed

The latest iPhone models look set to face a delay. That’s according to comment forms the CEO of Broadcom, a major supplier.

Broadcom Cites ‘Major Product Cycle Delay’ – Assumed to be iPhone

Hock Tan referred to a a “major product cycle delay” involving a “large North American mobile phone” customer whilst conducting a earnings call with analysts on Thursday. Bloomberg News noted that Mr. Hock often refers to Apple in this manner. He also said that Broadcom components “are in” the device but “the question is timing.”  The supplier’s comments further add to speculation that the next iPhone will be released later  that is usual due to hold-ups in the supply chain caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

One thought on “Broadcom Boss Hints Latest iPhone Release is Set to be Delayed

  • Well that would make sense with this pandemic. The bad news for me is my iPhone battery isn’t holding a charge as long as I would like, that is to be expected as a natural aging consequence. The good news is that I am not out and about much because of the pandemic. Also I am saving some money so I may pay cash for my next iPhone instead of financing it; I will use my Apple Card and get the 3%.

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