Celebgate Hacker Gets 34 Months in Prison

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A Celebgate hacker was recently sentenced to 34 months in prison after pleading guilty (via Justice.gov).

[Celebrity Nude Photo Hacker Arrested, Charged with Felony]


Celebgate, also referred to as “The Fappening” was a scandal in 2014 where hundreds of nude photos of various celebrities were shared on the internet. At first it was thought to have been caused by a data breach of iCloud. Later we learned the photos were obtained through phishing.

One Celebgate hacker, a former high school teacher named Christopher Brennan, was sentenced today to almost three years in prison. The maximum penalty was seven years, but Mr. Brennan made a plea agreement and the judge agreed to lower the sentence.

Photo by Taskin Ashiq on Unsplash

[Hacker Tried to Sell iCloud Data, Appeared in Court]

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