CES 2020: Bosch Smart Home System Getting HomeKit Support

The Bosch Smart Home System is getting HomeKit support. The firm announced Wednesday at CES that users will also control the system via the Home App and Siri.

Bosch Smart Home System Controllable by System

Bosch said that its Smart Home System will be controllable via iPhone, iPad, and HomePod. It will also be able to interact with other HomeKit enabled devices. However, users might have to wait a little bit for Siri integration. The company said that Siri will be able to control the Bosch Smart Home System in the future, following integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It gave no specific dates for the rollout.

Bosch said the apps its partnering with, including Apple Home, will be able to control the Smart Home System thanks to a cloud API. This includes being able to control things like the alarm system. It is starting work initially with Home Connect as its partner.

One thought on “CES 2020: Bosch Smart Home System Getting HomeKit Support

  • This article appears to be confusing the Bosch Smart Home with Home Connect. The two are for entirely different types of product; Smart Home is for security and heating products, and Home Connect is for kitchen and cleaning appliances.

    It is unlikely that Home Connect will have official support for HomeKit anytime soon. Apple has not defined HomeKit services or characteristics that are suitable for appliances. However, appliances with Home Connect can already be integrated with HomeKit and controlled by Siri – either via Homebridge (with homebridge-homeconnect) or via IFTTT (with homebridge-ifttt).

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